Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4th Year!

Wow, I just realized that this is it. The last time round the block here at Sheridan. Weird. So for any who don't know, the senior year at Sheridan is put towards creating a short film all on your own...and towards four breadth electives. After the rage inducing lesson in group work that is 3rd year, most come back after a summer coop refreshed and eager to work on a project that doesn't involve getting ideas past a committee. Although we're put in mentor groups with ten other students and receive feedback, if we have a vision this year we can stick to it. But that's probably a bad idea. Anyways, for my senior thesis I'm doing a Nazi-smashing epic with an all American hero aboard an evil zeppelin fortress! Here's two versions of the leica and an early run cycle of the main character.


Kevin Parry said...

Looks good! I think the first one's a lot more fun in terms of an ass-kicking all american spy kind of feel.

For the knife gag, I wouldn't cut to the eyes before it knocks off the soldier. I would personally just have your main guy like fix his tie or something really suave, like he planned it. (That's why I like the first one, second feels like the knife gag is all accident).

That's probably the only thing I would change, and just remember to keep him suave as hell in everything he does!

Johnny Koester said...

thanks, kevin. i've made it all intentional in the latest version.