Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls are fun to draw

Ok obviously a Chris Sanders style girl, but let me explain. It was supposed to be Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, only when Jen and I were talking the other day I told her how cool it would be if during the part when Gantu kidnaps her and Stitch and Stitch gets away if Gantu had just flown off into space with Lilo in tow. Then when discovering this, he leaves her at a space port or something and she becomes this intergalactic bounty hunter surfer girl. Then Jen added that she should hunt down Gantu and wear his skin like a cloak with his shark head as the hood. So when I started this drawing it was Lilo with guns and silly space junk and it just turned into this drawing because I'm not normally decent when drawing the ladies and this turned out pretty ok, if a little straight from the pages of a Sanders art book.


Jamie said...

still a very nice drawing! very appealing, even if i feel guilty thinking that lilo got hot. lol

Krysta said...

Curvy girls *whistle* @ Jamie - Yeah kinda weird seeing little Lilo like that haha. Nice drawing Johnny =)