Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Johnny's Doing a Group Film....and Drawing Bearded Men

So, like I mentioned in the kitchen post, I am spending my third year at Sheridan College working on a group film with 11 of my fellow students. How does that work? Well for anyone who reads this who isn't doing (or has done) a film, I'll explain. My class (2011) is and has been split into 5 classes and what the teachers did was have us put down what we think our strongest point is. Personally, I put animation and layout (which may or may not be true) and then everyone decides what they do best. This way each group theoretically has an equal amount of enthusiastic people for each area of animation. So in the end, each class has two groups with ten groups total for my year. Pretty nifty right? And my group has decided to do a film about chefs and refinding their passion for their craft. The ideas are pretty cool. This is my pass at the story (in rough thumbnail form), an interior study, and a man with a sweet beard.

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