Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Star Wars gets me Drawing

Hey blog visitors. Art is in short supply with it being summer and all so I'm happy to report that I have been inspired to draw. Sure its nerdy. Sure its a little narcissistic. But whatever, its got me drawing! Its me as a Jedi!


Andrew Murray said...

Hey man, I was on a star wars kick the other week, wouldnt it be cool to do some test animation if like we took a clip from Star wars ( the originals) and design the characters in the clone wars format and re do a scene animated?

personally, I'd like to see the part from Empire where Han and Chewy start shooting at Vader in the dinning hall...I really like that moment in the film.

Johnny Koester said...

i would love to see a couple of things converted to the clone wars format, namely Han's history or Vader hunting down the remaining Jedi.

Have you seen the Gentle Giant statues? they've converted a lot of the old characters to the clone wars style. they're really cool and if you haven't you should check 'em out.

Johnny Koester said...
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