Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post One of Twenty Oh Nine.

So the new year's here, the new semester has started along with the insanity that comes along with it and the new president is in office. I'm not really a huge politics guy but its pretty impressive to see as many Canadians as I did watching Obama take office. That was a world event. But I get back to the random drawings that I've collected in the New Year. Blogger doesn't want to cooperate today so I'll have to explain each and hope you find them. Any drawings with cats are related to my storyboarding class where the first assignment is to board a scene to music lyrics. Its actually nice because its basically all there for you to do, you just have to draw it out. Lets see, the kid is a random drawing of the great length you'd have to go through to play as a Spartan. No wonder everyone likes pirates, its just simplier. The camel and chicken are for my animation/character design class so if I stick with it all my loyal blogees will get to see those guys move and talk. Last is the hardest to explain. Its a guy in his underwear playing ping pong. It was a really random idea that I have for the third year films where the guy and his roommate are pro ping pongers and they play ping pong while going about their daily activities. Its not really a story, but the idea entertains me. If anybody's got suggestions I love to hear from friends and random blog readers.

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