Monday, October 13, 2008

Last One, but read it first.

Ok, so the first two are kinda random drawings. The croc man was an idea for a comic book with pirates that a friend of mine wanted to do. Maybe next summer. The woman is that Jedi with the two tails growing from her head. She's cool so I drew her to practice women. The next two are kinda relevant to my school work. The first is a set of thumbnails for a castle. Thus far, second year Layout class should just be called "The Happy Thumbnailing Class" cuz that's all we've done. And to add to the fun that is that class, I when in a totally different direction with this project so these thumbnails are moot. But I still like them, so here. Lastly is my villian character. He lifts an anvil in my Weight Lift/Toss assignment (coming soon) and is what I'm going trick-or-treating as this Halloween. Should be fun on both accounts.

PS-Anvils are hard to draw.

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